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Customer Provided Artwork

Customer provided artwork is printed in the matter it is provided.  Our printer is only as good as the artwork sent to it.  All customers are provided mockups for approval before services begin except on wholesale orders, which will be printed AS IS.  Mockups are visual representations and most accurate for signage, although monitor calibrations can make designs vary from computer to computer.  Apparel mockups do not represent true color or size proportions and are only to be used as a visual guide.  If you can't supply adequate artwork, you may purchase our design services.  

Banners: Vector, PDF, or TIFF when made true to size.

Screen Printing: Vector Files (If you want us to use your artwork and its NOT provided in a vector format, a $60 art fee will apply to your order. We will provide you with the vector files for later use.)

Embroidery: We will accept all file types.  If you have a digitized embroidery file, please contact us as there will not be a digitizing fee if we can use your current file.  All other files will be charged a $35 digitizing fee.  Keep in mind if your artwork is small and pixelated, your digitizing will be based on that file.  If it has clear lines, your digitizing will also be clear lines.  

Engraving: Vector Files are best, and will not have any fees.  If we can quickscan your image, a $15 file conversion fee will be added to your order.  If we can NOT get a great scan from the file you sent us, a $60 artwork fee will apply. 

No artwork? We have multiple packages to choose from for custom artwork.  


We are happy to provide our customers with FREE price quotes.  

We no longer provide artwork until AFTER your quote is approved OR a deposit is made.  We spend a great deal of time on artwork and need to make sure we are getting paid for our services.  We also have a large volume of customers and want to spend our time as efficiently as possible.  We understand some of our customers need visual references to make decisions, which is completely ok.  Custom artwork is not the same as logo design, Midwest Ink Co., and well as our art platforms, hold the rights to all artwork created and you will not receive any paperwork giving you rights to use said art with other vendors.  We will be happy to provide custom artwork upfront for a $60 fee.  This fee is nonrefundable but will be deducted from your order total if you choose to proceed.  

When needing a custom quote, please provide us with as much information as possible.  Be clear and concise about what you are looking for.  Just because we quote you an item doesn't mean we can't change it to a different product or service that will better fit your needs.  You can find our catalog links here.  Are you wanting embroidery, screen printing, or not sure? How many are you needing? Do you have a design or need artwork? When do you need the order in hand?  We can work quotes much quicker when we have the information we need, but we also understand that there is a lot involved on creating custom products and its easy to leave out important information.  

Customer Provided Blanks

We only accept customer supplied blanks at our discretion.  Items must be new and clean and a product we are familiar with.  We WILL NOT replace a customer supplied item in the event there is a mishap with the item.  Imprint rates are higher on customer supplied goods.  

Shipping Policy

We ship USPS standard and priority. Our Heavier orders will ship UPS or FEDEX.  We ship the least expensive way possible. 

All items ship within 1-7 business days from the date payment is received, except custom and preorder items.  

Custom items ship 1-4 weeks from the date payment is received. 

Preorders ship 1-3 weeks from the date the preorder closes, not from the time the order is placed.  


Return & Exchange Policy

We DO NOT accept returns, refunds, exchanges, or cancellations on custom items, preorders, or sale items, including team stores.

All other items may be exchanged within 14 days for product or instore credit.

 If there is an issue with your order please contact us within 24 hours of receiving your order. We do our best to inspect product as it arrives.  Our vendors won't reimburse us once the product is embellished, so we do our best to find any mishaps prior to printing.  However, we do occasionally miss something.  In the event we can not replace or fix an item, a refund or partial may be issued.  


If you are shipping a return item, please use a tracking service and plan for transit time.  You are responsible for shipping costs and will not be credited any shipping expense incurred.

All items must be in their original condition.

We will NOT accept returns that have been washed, stained and/or dirty, smell of perfume, smoke, mildew, or foods, or have animal hair/scent on them. 


While we do ship balloons, we can NOT ship them filled.  We do not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges on any and all balloons.  All sales are final. 

Please let us know within 24 hours of receiving the order if your order is incorrect and we will get it corrected.



Late Fees Policy

We do not accept charges on products or orders.  Payments are due when the order is placed or at pickup, depending on the order and amount. If you would like to open a charge account, you must contact Midwest Ink Co. PRIOR to placing an order.  ALL ORDERS WILL INCUR A 50% MONTHLY INTERST CHARGE ON INVOICES 30 DAYS PAST INVOICE DATE. Please see our website for other policies and procedures.  

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