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Customer Provided Artwork

Artwork Policies

Customer provided artwork is printed in the matter it is provided.  Our printer is only as good as the artwork sent to it.  All customers are provided mockups for approval before services begin except on wholesale orders, which will be printed AS IS.  Mockups are visual representations and most accurate for signage, although monitor calibrations can make designs vary from computer to computer.  Apparel mockups do not represent true color or size proportions and are only to be used as a visual guide.  If you can't supply adequate artwork, you may purchase our design services.  

Banners: Vector, PDF, or TIFF when made true to size.

Screen Printing: Vector Files (If you want us to use your artwork and its NOT provided in a vector format, a $60 art fee will apply to your order. We will provide you with the vector files for later use.)

Embroidery: We will accept all file types.  If you have a digitized embroidery file, please contact us as there will not be a digitizing fee if we can use your current file.  All other files will be charged a digitizing fee, pricing is based on size and placement.  Keep in mind if your artwork is small and pixelated, your digitizing will be based on that file.  If it has clear lines, your digitizing will also be clear lines.  

Engraving: Vector Files are best, and will not have any fees.  If we can quick scan your image, a $15 file conversion fee will be added to your order.  If we can NOT get a great scan from the file you sent us, a $60 artwork fee will apply. 

No artwork? We have multiple packages to choose from for custom artwork.  

Custom Artwork

No artwork, no problem.  We create custom art on a daily basis.  Keep in mind when ordering, the more time we spend on art, the more your art will cost.  Most customers don't even know they are being charged as we just factor the price into the product.  When ordering one or two items though, this can become costly.  

We allow two edits free of charge with custom created artwork.  We will make as many changes as needed during these two edits.  If you need additional edits, we will charge our hourly billable rate per hour.  

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