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Apparel Care Instructions

For best results, wash in cold water with like colors, inside out and hang to dry.  Do not use bleach.  Do not use fabric softener.  Do not stretch as it can crack the ink or HTV.  

Vinyl Care Instructions

Clean a smooth, non-porous surface with water or alcohol.  Once dry apply decal by peeling back paper on the back and smoothing across surface as you go.  Once securely in place and smoothed out, peel mask off the top.  Do not pressure wash over decal or scrape with ice scraper.   Keep out of direct contact with windshield wiper if applying to front or rear car glass.   Sun will also fade and lead to damage of vinyl over time. 

Magnets are made for temporary usage.  Do Not leave on vehicle for lengths of time.  Clean surface behind magnet prior to application.  Remove magnets daily to prevent paint damage and magnet from adhering to vehicle.  

Banners may be used outside for lengths of time when applied to a substrate to prevent wind damage.  


We recommend all our drinkware to be hand washed.  While some of our mugs are dishwasher safe, too high of heat can affect the printing process.  Double walled tumblers are NEVER dishwasher safe unless specifically stated in product description.  


Our jewelry is made from genuine leather, wood, and acrylic, and well as Hypo Allergenic fasteners and hooks.  Water will affect the look and quality of our jewelry.  Please removed prior to swimming, showering, and any contact with water.  

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