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Making Money for You

Green Cactus Stickers


Decals are a simple way to show support for your group. They are the cheapest to ship and have the quickest turn around time.  One to full color printing with a contour cut.  

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Apparel makes great fundraising items, from hats and tees, to hoodies, socks, and all the items inbetween.

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We have a variety of items consisting of lanyards and keychains, to ornaments, and license plates, stadium seats, towels, blankets... you name it!

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We make raising funds easy for you!!   Contact us to choose the item(s) that will work best for your fundraiser.  We will help you set selling points to make the profits you need.  We will then set up a store front for you, complete with mockups of the items you choose, and provide you a web address to drive your customers too.  Once the fundraiser is complete, we will cut you a check with your earnings.  You may choose for your customers to  have their items shipped directly from us, or we can deliver the orders back to you to deliver to your customers. 

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