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Design Services

I have a passion for design and creativity, something I have always strived for in my business.  I have donated hundreds of thousands of hours and countless designs to my customers over the years, something I will continue to do on a limited basis depending on the job.  

If you are looking for a custom logo, please see our logo design options.  If you are needing custom artwork for apparel or signage, please consider our options for artwork services which are listed below.


*Midwest Ink Co. holds copyright to all artwork created, unless you have paid for our design services, in which copyright will be transfered to the customer. 

**All custom embroidery will have a 1-time digitizing fee per design in addition to artwork or logo design fees.  

Our basic artwork fee starts at $60 and hour with a quarter hour minimum.  This package included lettering only or minor revisions to your own submitted artwork that needs minor adjustments such as resizing, converting files, etc. 

Intermediate artwork fee starts at $80 an hour with a half hour minimum.  This package includes all the components of the basic package plus minor color corrections, slight changes to graphic components, vector art color changes, and font changes.

Premium artwork fee starts at $120 an hour with a 1 hour minimum.  This includes components from the other 2 packages plus complete rendering and redrawing of art, either from scratch or due to unsuitable submitted art that can't be used for the intended service needed.  

We recommend PDF or Vector files such as EPS or AI for best representation of your submitted artwork.  JPEG and Web files are often too low resolution and result in poor translation to product.  We strive to meet quality standards in all aspects of our business, especially in the art used to create customer products.  

All artwork services include digital files of one or all of the following depending on artwork rendered/created in JPEG, PNG, PDF, SVG, or EPS.

We transfer copyright to the customer for all art created with our paid artwork services.  

Artwork Services

Design Portfolio

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