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5 ways to accessorize your graphic tees

Do you love a nice, comfy, graphic tee? They are my lifeline. My closet consists of few other tops and I'm going to explain why.

T-shirts are a necessity for most people. You can buy them blank or printed. They come in just about every color under the sun and in some shades of those colors too. You can go with a crewneck or v neck, and sometimes a deep v neck. Maybe you prefer a regular cotton tee or a blend, or in the most recent years you can also get a super comfy soft style or triblend, and athletic materials as well. They can be stand alone or paired with a kimono, cardigan, or hoodie. There are just so many ways you can wear a t-shirt for most occasions.

Here are my top 5 ways to accessorize a blank or graphic tee.


Whether its just earrings, or the ears, neck, and wrist, jewelry is always a great accessory. Maybe it adds a pop of color, maybe it coordinates your outfit, there is something about jewelry, even the simplest pieces, that can make a girl feel good about herself. Jewelry also comes in so many styles itself, and it can set the mood for something very casual to a little more elegant.


Grab a denim jacket, a kimono or cardigan, or even your favorite sweatshirt and pair it over your tee. Not only does this add a layer for comfort, but it is easily removed if it is too much. These items can also help dress up or dress down your tee. Think of your favorite t-shirt. Now think of it with your favorite denim jacket vs your favorite leather jacket. The appearance can change drastically by just switching out that one piece.

Bags and billfolds. These might not be quite as fun or cute as the others, but there is nothing better than a basic bag that will work for any occasion and matches most of the clothes in your closet. Think simple, neutral, and versatility.

Shoes. Like jewelry, what you wear on your feet can set the look you want. And casual sneakers can be just as dressed up as flats these days.


Wear whats in season and don't be afraid to step outside the box. Do you own a million baseball hats or are you more of a sun hat kind of gal? This can be a fun way to accessorize depending if you are going to your favorite game, concert, or wedding. If you aren't sure, stay neutral and simple, and that will not only be easier to match but will go with more as well.

Shoes. From a magnitude of colors to patterns and styles, I like to stay with what's comfy, and that varies season to season. Again, staying with neutrals will allow more versatility, but have fun and play around with what's in your closet.

Don't be afraid to play around with the items you already own. Try a neutral tee under your blazer next time you need to look sophisticated but add comfort. Pair it with that maxi skirt you aren't really sure what else to wear it with. The best thing about a t-shirt, is it can be paired with just about anything!

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