Custom Orders

The majority of the orders are we process are custom orders, in all services we offer.  We love getting to work with our customers on all kinds of projects specified to their needs.  

What you can expect. 

Upon inquiry, we will have you acknowledge our policies and procedures and fill out our custom order form.  Once we receive the paperwork, we will provide you with a cost estimate or price, suggestions, options, and estimated turn around times.  If you wish to move forward, we will send you a link for your payment, order product needed to complete your order, embellish your order, and then notify you for pickup.  If there are any delays in this process, we will notify you for a solution.  Product stock is the main issue we currently experience that causes delays and will most likely be an issue moving forward into the foreseeable future.  It is best to plan ahead as far as possible, but we understand not all orders can be planned in advance as well as we can't meet everyones deadlines.  

Please return forms to midwestinkco@gmail.com.  If you do not receive a reply within 2 business days, please contact us as we may not have received your forms.